Encouragement and inspiration trump pressure and stress every time.

Teaching at Rye is tailored to each individual pupil –our pupils are offered the perfect balance of challenge and stretch alongside encouragement and support based on what is right for them. Teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to give the individual and personal help that any pupil may need. During their time with us, our pupils learn independence and understand the need to review their own progress, to set their own targets, to strive towards their own aspirations; their teachers are there to guide them and put them on the right course, but they learn that with their own hard work, motivation, resilience, and determination, that anything and everything is possible.

Teachers at Rye St Antony take huge pride in their all-important role. They are unreservedly passionate about their subjects and work exceptionally hard to ensure that their teaching practices continually evolve and adapt to the changing needs of education and individual pupil needs.

This perfect combination of challenge and support allows our pupils to become resilient learners who are confident that they can succeed in whatever they go on to do.

The Rye Way

We are proud that our teachers work continuously to ensure that every lesson they plan and deliver supports and challenges each pupil in their own way. ‘The Rye Way’ describes an approach to teaching and learning that creates well structured, engaging, and challenging lessons that enables pupils to take risks, be ambitious and reflect on their progress in a meaningful way. 

At Rye, we create learning opportunities that enable our pupils to become curious, independent resilient learners, helping them be successful in their examinations and develop skills for life beyond school.

Our five cornerstones to teaching and learning:

  1. Routines and high expectations
  2. Challenging learning objectives
  3. Developing questions
  4. Retrieval practice
  5. Meaningful reflection time

Whole School Open Morning

Saturday 15 May 2021

Individual Tours by Appointment

Our Open Morning will give you the opportunity to tour the school site and see our excellent facilities.

We look forward to meeting you.