High quality teaching and learning is at the heart of what Makes Rye a fantastic Independent School.

Our teachers take enormous pride in creating interesting and challenging lessons, tailored to ensure every student makes progress.

At Rye, we create learning opportunities that enable our students to become curious, independent resilient learners; helping them develop skills for life and be successful in their examinations and beyond.

The Rye Way

Our teachers work hard to ensure that ever lesson they plan and deliver supports and challenges every student. The Rye way describes an approach to Teaching and Learning that creates well structured, engaging, and challenging lessons that enables students to take risks, be ambitious and reflect on their progress in a meaningful way.

Our five cornerstones to teaching and learning:

  1. Routines and High Expectations
  2. Challenging learning objectives
  3. Developing Questions
  4. Retrieval practice
  5. Meaningful Reflection time

Rye St Antony, Oxford – Bringing Our School to your Home

We are pleased to be able to offer bespoke virtual tours and meetings to interested families at this time.

We are incredibly proud of the Virtual Learning Experience we have offered our pupils – you can read about it here