Rye St Antony School

The aims of our school are at the heart of everything we do; every decision we take, every staff appointment we make, every classroom experience for pupils, and every enrichment activity we offer.  They underpin our approach to education across all the school and reflect the Catholic Christian values on which the school was founded in 1930.

At the heart of our aims is the individual pupil and the development of their own talents and interests throughout their school career.  In our stimulating and nurturing environment, pupils are happy, reflective and curious learners who develop an intellectual curiosity and knowledge as well as a love of learning.  They discover their talents, build aspirations and fulfil their lifelong potential in the school and wider community, leading them into a responsible and rewarding life.  Each of our pupils leaves Rye as a unique individual who is sure of themselves, confident in their ability, and as the young person they want to be.

We aim to:

  • Deliver a stimulating and inspiring academic education which develops a love for learning and intellectual curiosity.
  • Develop each pupil’s talents and gifts through an aspirational education that promotes creativity, team work and builds life-long skills.
  • Acknowledge and develop each pupil’s talents so that they recognise their own sense of worth, their vocation, their aptitudes and talents so that they become unique, confident, curious and valued individuals.
  • Challenge pupils to be aspirational in their thinking and approach, and to push themselves to achieve their best, thus creating resilient and confident individuals.
  • Provide a strong moral and spiritual framework based on the values of respect, kindness, integrity and justice.
  • Recognise and foster an environment of love, hope and joy based on Gospel values in which individuals are cherished and genuine relationships are nurtured.
  • Nurture and instil a sense of responsibility towards others in the wider community; locally nationally and internationally, through charity and service

Pupils of all faiths and none thrive in our school with its Christian values and rich Catholic heritage.  They learn to be courageous, show integrity, discernment and a love of themselves and others.

Through our forward-thinking, nurturing community which blends strong pastoral care with a dynamic approach to learning which we call the Rye Way, pupils move forward with faith. Faith in their religion or beliefs, faith in each other, faith in themselves.

Mission Statement

‘Who do you want to be? Who has God made you to be?’

Our mission is to empower every young person to be ambitious in their vocation, curious in their learning and discover their individual talents made in the image and likeness of God.

Whole School Open Morning

Saturday 15 May 2021

Individual Tours by Appointment

Our Open Morning will give you the opportunity to tour the school site and see our excellent facilities.

We look forward to meeting you.