One of the greatest advantages for Rye St Antony International Boarding Students is the opportunities that living so close to Oxford City Centre and Oxford University present- ones they may not get if they weren’t students of our school.

Our pupils immerse themselves in school life and the school community during the day and at evenings and weekends can embrace our beautiful city. This wonderful balance gives pupils full support from school when they need it, and the independence to explore and take advantage of our local area.

Our aim is that pupils leave us feeling ready to take their next steps having:

Been challenged academically so they are confident and resilient learners

Explored new things

Been inspired by the additional opportunities we offer and

With friendships that last a life time.

Have a look around our school with our Registrar Fern Williams:

Rye St Antony, Oxford – Bringing Our School to your Home

We are pleased to be able to offer bespoke virtual tours and meetings to interested families at this time.

We are incredibly proud of the Virtual Learning Experience we have offered our pupils – you can read about it here