Boarding School

Boarding School Options at Rye – Something to suit everyone

Full Boarding

Our boarders stay in our houses, The Croft and The Cottage during term time, returning to stay with their families or guardians for the school holidays. Boarding gives our girls the opportunity to enjoy Rye St Antony’s excellent range of educational, sporting and recreational facilities in the evenings and at the weekends. With our caring and committed house staff on hand at all times, girls are given the opportunity to take part in a full and varied programme of activities to suit their individual interests and talents. Personal achievement, the development of leadership skills and strong inter-personal relationship are all synonymous with full boarding at Rye.

When the school day is over, pupils can choose from studying independently to exploring a new or favourite interest or activity through our hugely varied selection of clubs on offer. They may also spend time practicing a musical instrument or rehearsing for a school drama production.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding is an attractive option for those who live within a reasonable distance of the school but want to take advantage of the many activities that Rye St Antony has to offer during the week. This option offers the best of both worlds as pupils can still maintain regular contact with their families while enjoying all that boarding life has to offer at Rye during weekdays. Our weekly boarders usually arrive at school either on a Sunday evening or on a Monday morning and go home on a Friday evening. Rye is conveniently located for trains and coach services to London and beyond.

If any of our weekly boarders would like to stay for a weekend, they are always more than welcome to do so for an extra cost. This may be so they can join in with any particular trip or activity that has been planned for full boarders. With our boarding, we believe flexibility is key and we are very happy to help families with their individual requirements.

Flexi Boarding

For girls who like to stay in frequent contact with their families, or would perhaps like to try boarding for the first time, our flexible boarding options are ideal. Some pupils also choose flexi or occasional boarding to keep up with their regular music, sporting or other activities at the school. We offer flexi boarding and occasional boarding for any of our day pupils who are in Years 5-13 and options are available for a single night or longer to suit a family’s individual requirements. For those who have a long journey into school or complicated family commitments, flexi and occasional boarding offers the perfect solution. For older girls, who have never boarded before, it is also a great way to prepare for life away from home before they start university.

Our boarding team is very happy to talk to you about your specific requirements for flexi and occasional boarding, so do get in touch with our Head of Boarding Helen Tomlinson for any queries you may have on this option.

Come and find out what boarding is like by sampling a night’s stay with us. (link to Visit/Enquiry form)

Rye St Antony, Oxford – Bringing Our School to your Home

We are pleased to be able to offer bespoke virtual tours and meetings to interested families at this time.

We are incredibly proud of the Virtual Learning Experience we have offered our pupils – you can read about it here