Pastoral care is one of our strengths here at Rye and something we put great emphasis on through our mantra ‘Be Well, Do Well’. Small form groups mean each pupil receives individual care. Pupils form strong relationships with staff, and the form tutor is the first point of contact should a pupil need help, advice or support. In addition to the form tutor, pupils can also call on our Teaching Chaplain for guidance, and our School Counsellor and Nurse provide additional support when needed. Our Independent Listener is always just a phone call away should pupils want further advice.

Alongside our form groups, pupils are also part of our House system. Arranged vertically and led by a Sixth Former under the direction of the Staff Head of House, pupils get to know others throughout the school and work together arranging Charities days and special events, such as quiz nights and fundraising events. The vertical friendship groups that are created through the years give a great sense of community and support and mean that students always know a familiar face around school.

Our Sixth Form prefect team help coordinate our programme of Housemothers, where pupils are assigned an older mentor who can help the pupil both pastorally and academically. In addition, our team of pupil-led Anti-Bullying ambassadors promote our school’s ethos by encouraging dialogue and modelling excellent behaviour.

“There is a wonderful sense of community, personalised academic support, and strong school traditions.”

Sixth Form Pupil

“The community and support is priceless. I never feel as though I am without support or guidance.”

Year 10 Pupil

“The individual care and attention given by all members of staff makes a lovely community. Small class sizes help allow this level of support to each girl.” 


Whole School Open Week

Monday 28 September – Friday 2 October

This year we are doing things slightly differently to comply with current Covid-19 guidelines.

We warmly invite you to experience Rye St Antony during a personal virtual meeting at a time that suits you. Meet staff and pupils, have a look around with our virtual tour and see what makes Rye so special.

We are incredibly proud of the Virtual Learning Experience we have offered our pupils during lockdown – you can read about it here