The Worry Doll – How might it help your child(ren)?

In a time of unprecedented worry for families  a Guatemalan legend might ease children’s worries, ranging from Covid-19, moving schools, making new friends, transferring to a new class in September, having new teachers, staying overnight at a family or friend’s house or even the dark.
According to this legend, Guatemalan children tell their worries to their worry dolls and when they go to bed at night they put them under their pillow. In the morning their worries have gone because their dolls have taken on their worries. They really are great little tools to get children to think about any worries they might have and also start talking about them. As a parent, you are often expected to be a mind reader, but what better way to help your child with their worries than to know them and get them to open up about them?
The wonderful picture book, Silly Billy, by Anthony Browne, is a super introduction to promote conversations about children’s worries and how worry dolls can help children ease their minds and even make their own, like Billy did. Additionally, Alistair Bryce-Clegg, an established educational consultant specialising in the education of children in the Early Years advocates the use of worry dolls and even made one himself. Follow him on www.abcdoes.com
Why not get your little one to make a worry doll, or two? Here is a great resource to give you some inspiration – it is a lovely activity to do together. Year 1 not only made one but two! They used lollipop sticks, wool, felt tips, bits of material and buttons. The pupils were so animated that they even gave them names and could not wait to put them under their pillows.

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