Sixth Form in Oxford

Volunteering and Mentoring Sixth Form in Oxford

Volunteering and mentoring allow pupils to build vital skills for later in life, promote leadership, develop confidence with public speaking, and improve organisation. Our volunteering and mentoring programme also encourages and promotes relationships throughout the school. This engagement is one of the things that makes Rye Sixth Form in Oxford feel so warming and giving us the real sense of community for which we are known.

This year, we are excited to launch our new programme – VoluntRYE – which combines volunteering and enrichment and aims to give girls tangible proof and recognition of their additional contribution to our school community and the skills those contributions have built throughout their time at Sixth Form. The programme is designed to allow each of our girls to tailor the programme to their areas of interest and development.

All members of the Sixth Form are assigned as a ‘House Mother’ to a younger pupil in their house. Care is taken to match a Sixth Former to a younger pupils with whom they have things in common – this is a handpicked process. The aim of the relationship is to allow our Sixth Form to provide support, advice and guidance when needed to pupils lower down the school.

In the coming year, our new Well Being Prefect will oversee the development of the mentoring scheme with more opportunities for pupils to meet with their mentors.


There is a multitude of different opportunities on offer to girls in terms of enrichment. The offer changes every term, and an example list can be found here. We strongly recommend participation in a range of activities as another way of exploring different areas and skills outside of the classroom.

Additionally, girls have a 2-hour slot in their timetable each week for sport. They enjoy a whole range of activities from paddleboarding to trampolining and swimming to rock climbing. This time is great for promoting positive mental health, well being and building relationships. It also presents a dedicated time to switch off from more academic pressures our girls may be facing at certain times in the school year.

We also offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s programme to our Sixth Form – more information can be found here.

Being a Sixth Form in Oxford, our enrichment offer is further enhanced by the multitude of opportunities presented to us by both Universities – Oxford and Oxford Brookes – including lectures, workshops and the opportunity to attend exhibitions amongst other things. It is one of the unique aspects of being so close to such a vibrant and diverse city.

Visit Rye Sixth Form

We warmly invite you to experience Rye Sixth Form at our

Whole School Open Week

28 September – 2 October 2020

Your chance to come and experience all our Sixth Form at Rye has to offer, meet the staff and students, and see our facilities.

Book your bespoke visit using our contact us form, or by emailing our Registrar – Fern Williams.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Whole School Open Week

Monday 28 September – Friday 2 October

This year we are doing things slightly differently to comply with current Covid-19 guidelines.

We warmly invite you to experience Rye St Antony during a personal virtual meeting at a time that suits you. Meet staff and pupils, have a look around with our virtual tour and see what makes Rye so special.

We are incredibly proud of the Virtual Learning Experience we have offered our pupils during lockdown – you can read about it here