The start of this academic year is going to be different for us all in many ways. 

We have shared a return to school booklet with all families, and have also listed some useful FAQs to help guide you through any day to day questions you might have: 

Your questions relating to our return to school

Will the school day be taught as normal?

We will be running a full timetable for all pupils in the school, with school starting and finishing times slightly staggered for all pupils to allow year group bubbles to arrive separately.

Every classroom now has the correct equipment to allow teaching staff to teach their lessons remotely if there are children isolating so not able to attend school in person.

Will my child be expected to wear a face mask?

Pupils over 11 years old will be allowed to wear a face-covering if they wish to, and in school corridors, the use of face coverings is encouraged.

Pupils who would like to use a face-covering should bring their own masks to school and have a stock of either disposable or washable masks.

How will lunchtimes works?

Lunchtimes are staggered so that pupils can eat in school and continue to benefit from our excellent school catering. Pupils will go to lunch in their year group bubbles in an allocated time slot.

How will you ensure social distancing in school?

We have plenty of space on the school site and have put measures in place to ensure a safe social distance is kept between year group bubbles. Measures we have taken include: 

  • Implementing a one way system to manage the flow of people around the school.
  • Ensuring rooms and corridors are ventilated by opening windows and doors where possible.
  • Putting pupils into year group bubbles to ensure different groups of pupils aren’t mixing with each other.


How will you make sure pupils are hand washing and sanitising regularly?

We have installed hand sanitiser and wash stations at entrances and exits to all buildings and at various points around the school. All staff and pupils will be regularly reminded of the importance of frequent hand washing. Additionally, time has been built into the timetable for handwashing and sanitising.

Will there still be clubs and activities running?

Yes – we will still be offering a wide and varied enrichment programme to all pupils. Activities will take place in year group bubbles to maintain the integrity of our groupings.

Is the Health Centre still open?

Our Health Centre will be open as usual and we have a separate, dedicated, Covid-19 Centre. We will continue to follow the guidance from the National Institute for Health Protection and update our procedures accordingly.

Do you have any resources I can use to support my child with school, post lockdown?

Rye has a wonderful pastoral team who are here to support families, and pupils, in their return to school. We know this may be an anxious time for many and ask you to talk to us so we can offer our expertise and support. Please contact your child’s tutor or Mrs Creber, Deputy Head – Pastoral

Some additional resources:

A short video from Dr Jess Richardson, Principal Clinical Psychologist for CAMHS. 

Along with an accompanying fact sheet.

Some top tips from youngminds.org 


Your questions relating to Covid-19 and school

What if someone becomes unwell in school?

If someone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or high temperature they will be sent home and advised to follow the Covid-19 guidance for households with possible Coronavirus infections.

What if there is a confirmed case in school?

If a pupil or member of staff tests positive, the rest of the class or bubble will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days in line with current guidance and advice. 

All lessons will move online during the isolation period.

What happens if there is a local or national lockdown?

If another lockdown is imposed, all lessons will move online during term time and we will continue to care and support our boarding community in their home-from-home environment in school.

Whole School Open Morning

Saturday 15 May 2021

Individual Tours by Appointment

Our Open Morning will give you the opportunity to tour the school site and see our excellent facilities.

We look forward to meeting you.