Virtual Learning At Rye St Antony

Since schools were closed on 20 March 2020 Rye, in true Rye spirit, took on the challenge of setting up a virtual school in a week and providing a home school experience for all our pupils.

We are proud to say that almost 100% of lessons were taught virtually during lockdown from children all the way from Reception up to Year 13, and the progress our pupils made was excellent. Year 6 have been introduced to Mathematical concepts that wouldn’t normally have been covered until Year 9. Year 11 followed a bespoke ‘Next Steps’ programme with an introduction to A-Levels and independent learning techniques, amongst other topics. This was a testament to the hard work and commitment of our teachers and leadership team and where the indefatigable Rye Spirit and sense of community that our parents and pupils know and love really shone through.

Why has the virtual learning experience been so important?

As a school, we felt passionately about making sure the learning experience of our young people wasn’t compromised. This was so important to us not only from an academic progress point of view, but also mental health and well-being – trying to maintain some routine for pupils, a sense of normality and knowing what to expect each day and seeing and engaging with peers regularly.

What does the future hold?

Whilst we are looking forward to welcoming all children back in September, we are proud and confident that we will be re-opening with a model that allows us to teach our full timetable virtually should the need arise.

Book a Personal Virtual Meeting to experience Rye

At this time, we are unable to invite prospective families to our school site, but we would still love to meet you and show you our school and all it has to offer.

We warmly invite you to virtually experience our school and ‘e-meet’ our Head, Miss Joanne Croft, with a virtual meeting at a time to suit you.