Rye St Antony is a warm and welcoming school community that fosters individuality, encourages children to be curious in their learning, ambitious in their aspirations, and most importantly, themselves. What makes us different from other schools is our drive and desire to recognise each and every individual for their own unique set of skills and talents and to give them a school experience that is personal to them.

As a school founded by two women, over 90 years ago, who purposefully chose to create a lay-Catholic school in the heart of Oxford, key catholic values such as respect, integrity, fairness, respect, and hard work remain integral to all we offer today. Pupils at Rye of all faiths and secular backgrounds, and none, thrive in our school. Today, our founders continue to be an inspiration to our young girls as they move through our school – to be confident in their ability, to aim high and achieve high.

Pupils at Rye have the chance to explore and develop their talents and passions through our enrichment programme – to try new things, build new skills, and to be bold in their aspirations – to work out who they want to be. Through our forward-thinking nurturing community which blends strong pastoral care with a dynamic approach to learning which we call ‘The Rye Way’, pupils move forward with faith: faith in their religion or beliefs, faith in each other, faith in themselves.

Our pupils grow in confidence year on year and the opportunities for them to contribute to the school community are limitless. We actively encourage pupils to test their limits, take initiative, build upon their strengths, accept challenges, and prepare themselves for success in the outside world.


Book a Visit

We are delighted to welcome visitors back to Rye from Monday 8 March.

Please do come for a socially distanced tour, visit our beautiful grounds and excellent facilities. Where possible, visits will be conducted out of school hours.

If a visit in person is not possible, we would still be pleased to meet you virtually.