A Levels

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The beauty of studying in the Sixth Form is that you are given the opportunity of studying the subjects which really interest you and which might lead to your future career.

Our experienced team of Sixth Form Advisers will work closely with you to help you decide which subjects are best for your interests, ability and career choices. AS and A Level subjects need to be combined carefully to ensure you are studying the optimum choices for University or further education or future career preferences.

In general, girls take four to five AS/A Level subjects alongside the comprehensive Sixth Form programme which offers options in philosophy and ethics, sport, community service and university preparation.

The academic AS/A Level programme provides a combination of timetabled teaching and independent study, mainly within the purpose-built Sixth Form Centre. In between studying, pupils find time for their community and charity work, work experience placements, university and further education preparations and a busy and active social life.

Classes in Sixth Form are small and intimate – similar in style to university tutorials and Rye students are expected to question, challenge and argue, as well as think independently. In keeping with Rye St Antony’s whole school philosophy, all pupils are treated as individuals and offered as much support as needed. Resources include excellent IT facilities, study centres, the school library and organised visits to conferences, study centres and exhibitions relevant to each course.

Most girls begin Sixth Form with GCSE Grade C or above in their chosen subjects with the majority being A or A*.

Sixth form options are offered on demand and girls can choose from an average of more than twenty AS/ALevel subjects.